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IT Professional, Musician and Entrepreneur.

About Me

Welcome. This website I have created represents a wide variety of my interests: from music to graphic design, web development to teaching, and writing to learning. Organised in four main areas, two of which being commercial, I aim to provide at least some content relevant to every person.

Here you will find information about me personally. Think of it like an 'ePortfolio'. It mentions where I went to school, where I studied at university and what work I'm currently doing. Head over to Music and you can read more about my singing and piano, where I've travelled and what I've done. In Technology, you can read about my new model of Swift programming classes called 'Code Club' and browse some of the work I've done creating websites, apps and graphics. Finally on the Blog, you can read about topics I'm passionate about and I fancy researching.


Austin Carpenter



Bachelor of Computer Science – Major: Software Development
Griffith University, Gold Coast

Next year I look to return to Griffith University on the Gold Coast to continue my studies in IT. I am excited by the developing technologies and the vast array of opportunies to get involved in.


Bachelor of Music – Major: Performance (Classical Voice)
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Brisbane

  • Sir Samuel Griffith Academic Scholarship
  • Griffith Honours College

Last year I began studying at the Queensland Conservatorium – Queensland's premier music instiution and arguably Australia's best music insitution for Classical Voice & Opera. My passion for music has always been strong, having started piano lessons and participating in school choirs from a very young age and ultimately led me to study music in a tertiary institution.

In the course, students have a weekly one-hour lesson with a professional vocal coach; learn langauge skills, music theory & aural skills; and gain the opportunity to perform in a weekly workshop in front of the entire cohort, as well perform in large-scale opera productions twice a year.

The Queensland Conservatorium gives students the tools they need to enter the industry as a flexible 21st century musician, with a broad range of music education and exposure – which is precisely why I auditioned and am now studying there.


Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Multimedia – Major: Interactive Entertainment and Games Programming (Deferred)
Griffith University, Gold Coast

  • Sir Samuel Griffith Academic Scholarship
  • ICT Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Griffith Honours College

Griffith University was my University of choice to pursue my passion of Information Technology and acquire up-to-date skills in leading edge technologies. The University's mission to provide students with the capacities to make meaningful life-long contributions to their communities was inline with my career objectives and vision. Having access to world class lecturers and researchers that can facilitate my learning was also a very important part of my decision.

I have chosen to major in Interactive Entertainment and Games Programming as this is an especially interesting part of IT for me, which I feel combines a wide range of disciplines. For example, Games Programming and Development, requires skills in graphic design, mathematics, physics, game design and social interaction. I plan to take a wide variety of electives such as entrepreneurship, languages (currently Intermediate Spanish) and business to broaden my skill set as an IT professional and entrepreneur.

2010 – 2015

Queensland Certificate of Education
A.B. Paterson College

  • OP 3
  • Full Academic Scholarship
  • 5x VHA, Academic Award IPT and Spanish

I chose to study at A.B. Paterson College as it is an independent high school with a strong character and belief in excellence, care and commitment. I shared their mission of challenging the individual to achieve and to act with purpose and character and their commitment to developing future, forward-thinking leaders. I also wanted to enrich my learning experience at the school by participating in a wealth of extra-curricular activities, which are listed in the Experiences section.

I took the following subjects: English, Mathematics B, Physics, Spanish, Music and IT, as I believed in cultivating a large range of interests to help become a more rounded individual, with a wide range of skills.

Go check out my blog.

A collection of thoughts and writing topics I am passionate about.

Digital pianos are like any other technology – always improving with time. However as a classically trained pianist, I can say that nothing beats the real thing.


January 27, 2018

Monty Hall Problem

by Austin Carpenter

This (inherently) counterintuitive brainteaser, made reference to on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, originally appeared in a 1990s American magazine and will make you go back to your primary school statistics & probability days.

Employment History

Dec 2017–Current

Piano Teacher
Home Studio

  • Teaching students well-established technical skills
  • Educating students about music thoery and the history of music
  • Showing patience, passion & enthusiasm
  • Motivating students to continue progressing

Sep 2015–Current

Games Attendant

  • Provision of a high level of engaging and helpful customer service within a fast-paced environment
  • Selling products
  • Maintaining games and computer hardware and software
  • Selling merchandise and clothing within the Merchandise sector
  • Handling cash and balancing floats
  • Opening, operating and closing games/retail outlets alone or in a small team

Feb 2015–Current

A.B. Paterson College

  • Explaining complex concepts using easy-to-understand terms
  • Communicating with parents and teachers to update them on student progress
  • Working effectively with students with diverse learning needs and cultural backgrounds

Sep 2016

Data Administrator
Griffith Honours College

  • Liaised with client to determine data management requirements
  • Reorganised and consolidated data to improve accessiblity
  • Improved data structure and formatting to improve performance


Technological Assistance

  • Worked for 2 hours every Saturday morning providing assistance to an elderly gentleman installing and connecting various electronic devices within the home
  • Organised and maintained a life’s collection of photos as part of a post-retirement project
  • Imparted knowledge of computers by demonstrating/teaching various tools and programs
  • Provided clear explanations and showed patience

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